Health issues

For years I’ve wanted to write a blog but didn’t know what to write about so, I figured I would write about anything and everything. Starting with what has impacted me the most these past years, my health.

I was sick pretty much through upper secondary school and about a year after until I got diagnosed with imbalance in the nervous system. I got treatment at a private chiropractor office I had been going to since I was a kid. After being in treatment for about two and a half years I decided to quit after kind of feeling used as an experiment to train away my strabismus, something you can’t without surgery. I had the surgery in February this year an everything seemed to be fine, no actually better than fine, everything was great. I could focus so much better without my glasses which meant I could drive with contacts without having any issues. That was until this summer, I started feeling not myself and for some reason I couldn’t focus whilst studying.

At first, I thought it was my motivation for school, so I optimized my work area. We cleaned out the office where my computer is, I bought a proper drawing table you can tilt and I started to work out and more on healthy. nothing was working, I had moments where I could sit for longer periods at a time working on my project, but it wasn’t like last year when I could concentrate on studying for hours. I started feeling dizzy, the kind where you feel like you’re on a boat, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. driving my car was not fun, and I stayed away from driving unless I absolutely had to and felt well enough. I also got tired easier, started to get sensitive to sounds, light and smells. My body began to hurt, I couldn’t spell longer normal words and when I tried to read any complicated English words without saying them out loud I failed. Doing any form of everyday math would give me a headache. My short-term memory got worse.

I went to my doctor with some of these symptoms and some ideas of what it could be at the end of august. He suggested taking a blood test to see if I was missing any vitamins. They came back negative, this time for the doctor’s appointment I wrote a list of my symptoms. The list included everything I had experienced during the last 6 months. This week I’m getting an MRI to rule out any tumors and such.

Also during September, I went to my manual therapist and told him about my dizziness and after answering a few questions, he knew what treatment I needed to get better. Since then I’ve gotten less dizzy, but with that more symptoms have risen like swelling in my left jaw, muscle weakness and my body hurting more regularly.

First blogpost

Oh no.. OK.. take a deep breath..

Usually the first blog post is suuuper dreaded, awkward and weird. Just because I don’t know what to write, should I go straight to the point or should I start with an introduction. The ting is you might already have written just about everything on the about page. So that would probably be even more awkward if you have written an introduction and the same thing on your about page.

But, if your first post is, lets say a blog post about your January favorites. That might also be awkward, not because your reader might read your “story” twice, quite the contrary they might think you’re only in it for the business and that you don’t want a personal relationship with them.

So tell me, what is the best way to start your blog? With an introduction despite the fact that you already have an about page.
Or just jump right in to it, and skip the intro?