First blogpost

Oh no.. OK.. take a deep breath..

Usually the first blog post is suuuper dreaded, awkward and weird. Just because I don’t know what to write, should I go straight to the point or should I start with an introduction. The ting is you might already have written just about everything on the about page. So that would probably be even more awkward if you have written an introduction and the same thing on your about page.

But, if your first post is, lets say a blog post about your January favorites. That might also be awkward, not because your reader might read your “story” twice, quite the contrary they might think you’re only in it for the business and that you don’t want a personal relationship with them.

So tell me, what is the best way to start your blog? With an introduction despite the fact that you already have an about page.
Or just jump right in to it, and skip the intro?